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Bible Studies

Investigative Bible Discussions

Who was Jesus?  There are a number of different opinions out there, especially on a college campus.  Was he a philosopher, a good teacher, a religious activist, a political reformer, or the Lord and Savior of the world?  Whether you consider yourself a skeptic, a seeker, a Christian, or you're just curious, we would love for you to check out one of these weekly discussions.  We welcome different opinions as we seek to discover what the Bible has to say about Jesus and what that practically means for our lives in the 21st Century.

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Fall 2017 Bible Studies

Here is a list of Bible study leaders, times, and locations.  They will start up the week of September 10-16.  Contact Nathan Brown ( if you want to find one that works for you.

Monday @ 7pm in Seegers 112 (First Year Fellowship) - Contact Faith Thomas or Brian Parker

Tuesday @ 7pm in Seegers Basement (Coed Study) - Contact Nathan Brown

Wednesday @ 8:30pm in Prosser Basement/Lounge (Guys study) - Contact Nathan Brown or Jonathan Walker

Saturday @2pm at 2245 Gordon Street (Coed, College Christianity 101) - Contact Aaron Magazine

TBD @TBD (Girls study) - Contact Tova Stein or Sarah Genthner