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As you seek to explore more of the different aspects of the Christian faith, we recommend the following ministries as helpful resources. Please explore these sites to grow not just in your knowledge of Christianity, but also in your understanding of how Jesus and His Gospel minister to our hearts as well.

Knowable Word (

Our very own Peter Krol, president of DiscipleMakers, writes this weekly blog that has garnered some national attention. Peter said, about his blog, "I write about anything having to do with the Bible. Some posts are Bible studies, giving you examples to follow. Other posts discuss methods for Bible study. Yet other posts present ideas for leading Bible study discussions. Along the way, I’ll refer you to other websites that are doing a good job of it, too." We highly recommend reading this regularly.

Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (

CCEF's website says, "Our mission is to restore Christ to counseling and counseling to the church by thinking Biblically about the issues of living in order to equip the church to meet counseling-related needs.  In addition to the counseling services that are provided on campus, DiscipleMakers staff have seen many students benefit greatly from the articles, books, talks, and other resources that CCEF offers.